Monday, December 7, 2009

2 Days!

I have been feeling SO funny this week...well...the past couple of days anyway. I really really really think I am pregnant. I have hesitated to write it down because I could just be making symptoms up in my head, but I decided that if I'm not superstitious, then I'm not superstitious, so no worries!

The most prominent symptom I am having is eating issues. As in...I feel shaky the moment I am hungry and nothing tastes good. Food is okay, but usually, I love food and everything about it. ESPECIALLY the week before "the" week. But over the past few days, whatever I think I am in the mood for just doesn't cut it! I am not exactly nauseous, just feeling very picky and non-satisfied with food. A great way to start out our trip which is going to be jam packed full of pre-planned, FREE and abundant food! Let's just hope God, in his wisdom, will grant me the grace to want what we already have reservations for!

I say all this knowing that I could just be creating all this in my head since I expect it to happen. :) I could very well be VERY wrong.

Oh..and Corey found my blog. He was using my computer and it showed up under my profile when he was looking at my other blog. It's not that I wanted to keep it a secret, but I didn't want him to feel pressured by the fact that I created a blog. He should know by now that creating a blog about something is no big deal for me, right?! ha ha!

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