Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I wasn't sure...I had told Corey about my hunches and the barely barely showing up pink lines on the previous tests that showed up after the "official" time period.

In the middle of the night we had a terrible really shook me up I guess I was having another weird dream or something. But then..I decided to do another test since it is now officially "the day" to be able to tell.


It is positive!

Still "kind of" faint, but it showed up immediately this time and there is no doubt it is there!

WOW! I can't believe it only took one month. God is so good to us and we are very grateful and so aware of what a miracle event this is! We are going to tell the kids this morning...and then they get to tell the grandparents!
I can't wait to see their expressions! We thought about waiting until we get home from the trip, but we are just too excited. I have now rethought my decision to ride anything and everything I want, lol..I guess things change when they are more REAL!

I am quite nervous.... because I have already felt nauseous, but I hope it is just from the anticipation of finding out and about our trip. I always get the feeling I am getting a stomach bug the day before we go on a big trip! ha ha!

Now to start saving for that $3000 copay for the insurance! agh! I told Corey I was going to put a donate button on this blog! HA! AND I was only halfway joking!

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