Tuesday, December 15, 2009

First Appointment

I scheduled our first pre-natal appointment today! It will be Wednesday, January 6th, at 9:40am. The lady that I talked to from Kaiser was so very nice. She seemed happy for me! ha ha!

The first appointment is with one of the midwives. I am happy about that. She said the appointment would last about 50 minutes. Hopefully, Corey will get to go with me.

I am having some cramping this week and other little stuff that is worrisome, but I am trying really hard to not worry. I remember having similar things go on when I was pregnant with Katie. It is hard to not worry though. We told everyone so early and it has made me extra paranoid about something happening. I know what I am experiencing is normal, but, wow....everything is something to potentially worry about!

I also talked to the benefits and billing person! Agh! Never good news there. Well..at least we have coverage! It is definitely better than what we had before, but we still have $3000 in copays to get ready for. Hopefully I will successfully have a natural birth experience for MANY reasons, not the least of which is a 30% coinsurance to pay if I were to use "other" options. eek!

I have someone who is going to be a birth coach/doula for me at the hospital! My best friend from high school's mom has been a nurse for years and is currently in doula certification training. She has had a baby at home before and I am very blessed that she is willing to include me as one of her training experiences! She can help me be in control at the hospital of what procedures and things go on and will be very helpful in encouraging me through hopefully not having any drugs! Isn't it great that I have that available???? Doulas can be very expensive and since she would be there just for me, it will be like having my own private nurse the whole time! She will also help Corey out with knowing how to help me during labor. Since she is still in training and my friend's mom, she said she would not charge me! What a blessing! It will be comforting to know also that I have someone local I can call (since my doctors and hospitals are in Kennesaw!) I just think this is the neatest thing to happen, and what timing!!! She is in training NOW when I could use someone!

If you read this, please say a prayer that the cramps and other symptoms I am having will go away just for my own sanity! :)


Karen said...

Everything will go fine...didn't realize you were using Cobb county doctors and hospital....

kingfam2911 said...

Praying for you today.