Sunday, September 19, 2010

Telling the Kids

I told the kids Thursday.  I had gotten really sick the night before, and was near death's door (ha ha, a slight exaggeration, but as close as I've felt recently anyway) on Thursday.  They were being less than helpful and starting to whine....a LOT.  Noah said he thought he was getting what I had.

So, I told them.  No, Noah, you AREN'T getting what Mommy's got.  You won't catch it from me.

I told them that I thought I was going to have a baby, and that's why I have been so sick.  But, we have to wait until we go to the doctor to know for sure, to make sure everything is good.  When someone is going to have a baby one of the things that sometimes happens is that the mom gets really sick at the beginning.

They have been complete and total angels ever since I told them.  Katie has been waiting on me hand and foot.  Frequently reminding me to be sure and go to the bathroom if I am going to throw up.  Noah has been crafting things for the baby...a toy mobile for the crib Katie made for the bedroom out of her My Twinn box.

They stopped fighting.  And now I can refuse to make microwave popcorn with a satisfying explanation (it makes Mommy think she's going to throw up) and I'm not just the mean Mommy who doesn't want to do anything. ha ha.

Katie was stressing about getting everything ready.  I told her it would be a long time if everything goes okay, it would be May.  I got on the babycenter website and showed them some pictures of the developing baby throughout and why it takes so long.  She was slightly fascinated and Noah just thought it was weird.

So there you go.  Of course, it made me have a slight panic attack about telling them, that I would be even more sad now if things don't work out...for their sake.

We told them about the pregnancy the first time, and they were pretty sad about the loss.  They even mentioned it when August came around.  Noah told me that he wished we could have had our baby.  And Katie mentioned.."I thought we were going to have a baby in August."

We didn't tell them about the second miscarriage.  It happened at a time that they were pretty busy with the church musical practices and we weren't having to do school each day.  Plus, Corey was coming home and that helped cover me with any sickness.  Corey has been out of town since last Sunday, and the sickness has hit me hard this week while he has been gone, so it was harder to do it all and cover the fact that I felt like dirt.

I expressed the need to be cautious, and that we would tell "everyone" after we check on the baby at the doctor.

I think it was a good decision.

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Cherie Hill said...

Carrie . . . I am so thrilled to hear the news! (not that you're feeling sick part! ugh!) I will be praying continuously. Praying that you will allow Jesus to sit with you, be with you, calm your fears, each and every moment of this pregnancy. Draw nearer to Him through it. Remain at His feet and find peace in His consuming love.
Praying fervently dear sister,