Saturday, September 4, 2010

Positive 9/4/10

September 4th, 2010

I don't know when I will post this, but I do want to go ahead and get my thoughts out there.

September 1, I got a positive on a home pregnancy test. The reason I took the test was because I was cramping and wanted to take my fav. pain reliever: Aleve! Well, you can't take Aleve when you are pregnant, so I wanted to go ahead and take a test so I could take some medicine.

Lo and was positive. A very faint positive.

The next morning I took another one. Again: positive.

We canceled my insurance with Kaiser to be effective this month. Wouldn't you know?

I knew Corey would be extremely stressed out because of it, so I didn't tell him right away. He had also had a stressful few days at work as well.

I was feeling.....weird. Not stressed. Not sick. Just extremely tired, crampy, and weird because I was feeling weird. I can't explain it.

The due date would be May 11th, Corey's birthday.

I finally told him yesterday. On the phone while he was at work. He was stressed at first, like I figured he would be, but after talking a while we both seemed a little better off. I cried while I was talking to him, I think because I had not let myself really react yet.

My immediate feelings were, "Well, we'll see."

I know God has seen me to this point, and through this point, and He will continue to see me through. I am hopeful.

I feel fine, just tired. The cramps come and go, but there have been no symptoms like I had before when I was at this point. Other than that though, I actually have less pregnancy symptoms than I had the other times. I am getting some indigestion easily. But really the main symptom is complete exhaustion...wanting to sleep 2-3 times during the day.

We told our mothers, and a few close friends. We will wait a while to tell anyone else.

Friday night I took another test. This time I stopped at Walmart and picked up one of the digital "yes or no" tests. I had never used one of them. I was always squinting and comparing and looking for the second pink line.

It takes a little longer for the digital answer to show,but when it did, my heart skipped a beat. There is nothing like a clear "Yes+" showing up to give you a real boost of happiness/hope/trepidation/fear/excitement.

I don't plan on going to the doctor at least until I've made it through next month. I have also contacted Gordon Hospital to see if they offer discounts to prepay cash patient. Pray for us on that aspect. From what I've read, it can actually cost about the same to be a cash patient or an insurance patient, barring no complications.

So many things to consider. Right now, I am trying to not make too many plans, but it is hard. I am still in disbelief, but trying to hope and believe.

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