Friday, September 24, 2010

Settling In

I am having a difficult time settling in to the whole "being pregnant" thing.  I think I truly still can't believe it is happening!

I wanted to post a little bit about my impressions of the doctor's office I ended up choosing.  I actually chose one that I had not talked on the phone to or gotten references for. ha ha!
There are no midwives in the Calhoun area.  The nearest midwives are in Dalton.  And since I am determined to give birth at Gordon Hospital, I was limited on what I could do as far as doctor's go.  The deciding factor came with considering what was more important to me...the hospital or the doctor.  I decided that the hospital is more important to me.  I plan on being in control of what is going on and really the doctors don't do that much for you anyway in the big scheme of a birth.  It is mostly the nurses and facilities that become the biggest memory you love or hate.
Gordon Hospital is a faith centered facility.  They have Bible verses posted on their walls, are very supportive of prayer, and it just has a great feel when you walk in.  (I visited the other day).  Also, I looked at their nursery pages and they have maybe 15 babies born per month there.  Although that might make for bored nurses needing to be in your  business, I choose to believe it will be outweighed by the benefit of having not overworked nurses.
The choices  for OBs in Cahoun were two places.  A place that is a single female dr. practice, and a place with three doctors and a nurse practitioner, three out of four being female.  As much as having one single doctor see me the entire time sounds good, I did read one thing online about someone saying that she likes to schedule her patients on days that are convenient for her.  Which...obviously...would be an issue if you were the only doctor in an ob office. So....

I went with Calhoun Ob/Gyn Associates. The first time I called I was on hold for a bit and noticed that they play Christian music over their speakers.  The lady who made my appointment was very nice and when I called the VERY NEXT DAY to try and come in early because I was having bad symptoms, they saw me the same day!

I saw Dr.Joni Yamamoto.  She was very nice.  They were efficient.  I had a complete exam (they snuck that in because I hadn't had one in over a year! ha ha!) and an ultrasound and bloodwork.  I was leaving exactly an hour after my appointment time! I think that was pretty good!

Another plus about this office is that Dr. Yamamoto is also a general health physician so she can take care of anything else that goes on (colds, other issues) while I am there as well.

OH, and the office is GORGEOUS!  It feels like you are in a designer home rather than a doctor's office.  There are pictures on the website, but they still don't do it justice. The virtual tour shows a little more of the lobby area...just plain gorgeous!

I am happy with the office so far.  But anyone who knows me knows that I am subject to change my mind on that at any time! ha ha!


Lindsey said...

Remind me some time and we will talk about Gordon Hospital. :)

Marcy said...

AAh! I have been really out of touch lately with reading blogs! Congratulations Carrie! I will be praying for a healthy pregnancy.