Monday, September 13, 2010


Afternoon/Evening sickness has set in. It started Friday night. I felt awful all night.
Then, Saturday, I was okay during the day, even had less symptoms waking up, but then at about 4:00pm until 6:30pm I felt HORRIBLE. As in, I ran to the toilet thinking I was going to throw up but didn't. Then off and on really bad the rest of the evening.
Yesterday, around 3:30pm, it hit me hard. I was shaking, feeling extremely nauseated, didn't even feel like moving. I never threw up but wished that I could. At around 6:30pm it suddenly lifted and I felt fine for dinner. Well...I felt good for making waffles..a mild and easy dinner.
Today, I am preparing to not feel well at dinner time. I will be at Bible study, the first night, so I hope I can make it okay. Praying that this isn't the night that the puke actually makes an appearance. I cooked a meal for lunch in preparation for a very light dinner for the kids since we won't be home and I am pretty sure I won't feel like cooking anything anyway.
I would love to spend a Saturday making freezer meals for the upcoming weeks. Or, I could cook several nights meals for the week and put them in the fridge.
It's so weird because yesterday, and today, I woke up a little nauseated, but ate breakfast and then felt really great. I don't even feel pregnant at all. A little worry hit me like, "I hope everything is still okay!"
Then...the afternoon comes... like a ton of bricks...and THAT'S what I remember "pregnant" feeling like ha ha. I won't complain though. No food has come back up yet, and I can still eat and get school work and housework done in the mornings.

I hope that the sickness means that everything is healthy with the baby!

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Andy's Bethy said...

So funny- I have been checking over here almost every day to see if you had posted yet, and then you finally did over the weekend when I wasn't on at all!
Sorry you are feeling yucky, but I know that it is making you feel "safer" too. One moment at a time dear, my moment at a time.
Hope the new bible study was good. I'm still up if you are checking this and want to call me!