Thursday, June 3, 2010

Our Answer

We got our answer today. No baby in January for us.

There was no growth from two weeks ago to today. Just an empty sac where the baby should have grown. I had bloodwork done which showed an increase in Hcg from 2224 to 6964. Very slow rate of rising over a period of two complete weeks.

They do need to do another official ultrasound before giving me medication which is what we have decided would be best. If the ultrasound confirms no growth, then I can do the medication over the weekend and hopefully be on the road to feeling better before too much longer. I just don't want to keep having these pregnancy symptoms when it is a failed pregnancy. It's too much.

I think we were definitely prepared for this news today. I had complete peace and now that we have our answer I am at peace with doing what we need to do next.

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