Saturday, February 19, 2011


A few weeks ago my mom went over to where some family members live to pick up some old family furniture.  She got a few things, but one item was sent with us in mind.  This hand made cradle:

It was made by my great uncle, Ozell Sparks.  The husband of my grandmother's sister-in-law.  He handcrafted many furniture items.  Katie actually has a tiny doll cradle that he made also that used to be mine.  He passed away many years ago, but I know he would love that we will be using this cradle for his great-great-niece.  It will be just the right size for use as a bassinet for the first few weeks she is home.  You can't tell from this picture very well, but it has a shelf underneath that is the perfect size to hold a few storage bins for diapers, blankets, etc.  We just have to find a pad, or else make one, to use as a small mattress.  I am very excited to have this piece of family furniture for Ruby!

And here is a 28 week photo of my and Ruby.  Pretty sure I've grown since the last photo.

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