Friday, February 25, 2011

Little Sister!

We got Ruby's coming home outfit tonight!  I saw this in a catalog yesterday and went up to see if they had it at the Carter's outlet.  They only had ONE left in the size that we needed, and the lady had to get it out of the back for us!  Both our babies were born on the cusp of the two small sizes...newborn goes 5-8 lbs and 3 months goes 8-12 we went ahead and thought that getting the newborn size would be best.  Katie and Noah were both 8 lbs each.  Well...anyway...if you want to see it bigger you can click here.  The pic is kind of small I know.


Kellie Paige said...

Very, Very Cute!!

Anonymous said...

So CUTE! Won't be long and you will get to put it on her! Jill