Thursday, October 14, 2010


Out of necessity, the kids have become a lot more independent lately.  Especially in the area of getting their own food prepared.  Katie is great at making toast with butter and toppings for herself.  They can operate the microwave with supervision from the other room. :)
Now, if I could only figure out a way that they could pour their own milk, then breakfast would be a breeze!  Milk is something that is very tricky though, unless the jug is almost empty.   Hmmmm.....


Cherie Hill said...

It's so wonderful and so sad at the same time as we watch our little ones grow up! You know, with the milk thing . . . I bought a small pourable container that the kids could use. That way they were able to handle it themselves and it built confidence! ;)
Love, hugs, and prayers!

Becky said...

ohhhh....I am so proud of them. I was thinking the same thing that Cherie said. I would get a smaller container that was pourable friendly for kids.