Monday, April 25, 2011

My packing lists

I thought of doing this the other day just due to the fact that I can reference it later on if needed. :)
Here are my various packing/purchase lists I've used over the past few weeks to get everything ready!

Labor/Delivery Bag:
Birth Plan
Baby Book
Boppy Pillow
Thick Towel (for various use...probably Corey in case he needs to kneel on the floor)
Rescue Remedy Spray
Wash Cloths
Massage Oil

Hospital Stay Bag
Pajamas?  In case I want them.
Nursing Tanks
Nursing Bras
Clothes to wear home
Nursing Pads
Extra reusable bag for bringing "stuff" home
Corey's supplies

Diaper Bag:
2 extra onesies
Swaddle Me Blankets
Burp Cloths
Coming home outfit
nail clippers (we always needed nail clippers for our other two right away! ha!)

Katie and Noah's bags for the gparents:
sleeping bag

The other stuff I picked up to have at home afterward is what I could remember having to send someone out for or get on the way home.  I may or may not need it this time around but I would rather have it ready and waiting than to wish I had it.  I already placed them in a little plastic bin under the bathroom sink so Corey can get it out for me easily and I can add the other stuff from the hospital that I remember getting, like the little squirt water bottle and various other "stuffs."  Here it is:

At Home Supplies
Dermoplast Spray
Witch Hazel
Epsom Salt
Pads in all various sizes and shapes
gentle stool softener
Post pregnancy tea
Disposable plates/cups/bowls to use the first couple of days. :)

A few more things on my to-do list:
PACK all this stuff.  I have it all together, but it is not in a bag, except for the double supply of toiletries I picked up. 
CLEAN the house finally! 
Pack up the school supplies and restock for next year.
Put the pack n play sheet on the co sleeper.
Put the waterproof mattress pad under the sheets on my side of the bed! (just in case! :)
Pick up a robe.
Pick up a set of full size sheets for the guest bed.  (this is a low priority)
Pick up the replacement parts set for my breast pump.  I won't need them right away or even the first 6 weeks or so, but I do want to have them because I have a really nice pump from when I worked full time and nursed Noah.  Since I already have it I figure why not use it to get some spare put away for those "just in case" situations.  It would make me feel less stressed and worried because I'm always thinking about the what ifs, ha. What if I had to have surgery or got sick with something or blah blah blah.

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Erin said...

Yeah, those are great lists! A robe for the hospital - I seriously never thought of that, but what a great idea!!!

We put towels between the sheets and the mattress pad on our bed... Cecilia spit up like crazy at night in the first few months, and this saved our mattress! Good for leaky diapers, too!

Lots of moms like to have a little milk stored for the "what if" situations, but if you ever find yourself in a situation like surgery or illness, call me and I'll get you all the info we have for whatever the issue is and how it may affect breastfeeding!