Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's (Still) a Girl!

Today was doctor day!  I saw the same lady who did our 20 week ultrasound.  I really like her.  She makes nice conversation when she comes in.  I mentioned what the doctor said last time about suspecting she could be breech so she felt around and couldn't find the head down low.  So, she suggested we pop over to the ultrasound room for a quick look!
She immediately confirmed that her butt is up high and her head is way down low! YAY!  Such a relief! No more stressing about having to spend time trying to get her to flip.  While we were in there she also took the time to confirm that YES she is definitely still a GIRL! *WHEW!*  Corey and I had both been a little worried in the back of our minds just because we actually painted a pink wall and have tons of pink stuff already!  We lived in apartments with both the other two so we never painted anything and always stuck with gender neutral on bigger stuff like bouncy seats, etc.  She got some really cute shots......
 Alien baby face! aaaahh! ha ha ha ha.  The eyes never show up well.  This is straight on looking at her face.

 A little less of an alien look in that one.  I have another later on with labels.  Her face is sideways, if you tilt to the right you get the right view.  She said that the little white fuzzy area at the top of her head is some hair.
 This one is my favorite even though you can't see most of the face.  You can see her pudgy little nose and cheeks and lips.  There's one labeled further down so you can reference it.
 For the sake of perhaps one day putting this blog into book form, there's the "girl" shot, right next to the little white plus sign, ha ha.
Profile, with leg/foot up by her face.

I am thrilled I got to get these pics today!  And to confirm double good news: head DOWN and still a girl!


Cherie Hill said...

SO amazing Carrie . . .those ultrasound pics are awesome! I had one of my first born almost "looking at the camera." So cute and so amazing! Praying you have a beautiful Easter filled with the love of Christ.

Ronnie(Grandpa) said...

Beautiful girl..I think Ruby has blonde hair..the last one looks like she is praying!..Can't wait!..Hope she waits till we're back from vacation though!

Andy's Bethy said...

You forgot to point out the hair to me when I was over there today. She really is so beautiful. I can't wait to meet her.
I am getting the countdown fever, and I'm not even the pregnant one! I guess we do need to get past your birthday first, then we can start looking for Ruby's.