Sunday, April 17, 2011

Counting Down and Finishing Projects

I have had a "to-do" list posted on my regular blog.  Now that we have a lot of the big things done, it's time to move on to the little last minute things.  I don't remember any of this planning with the other two.  I think I was too busy being a college student and newlywed, ha ha.  You can read the last update to our lists here.  Since this is the baby blog though, I will share the photos of the nursery on this one.  Corey just finished setting up the furniture an hour ago.

These pictures were taken on my phone...sigh...sorry I am super lazy.

 This was Friday right after Corey painted the pink wall.  The color just doesn't show up well.

 And now...with the bed.  We have to get some full size sheets to go on this bed because the ones we had were WORN OUT by Katie in the years she used this bed, ha ha.  We got rid of them they were so bad. 
This is the only bed in the room for right now.  We plan to use it for guests and for all those times when you just need a place nearer to the baby/toddler/etc when they are sick and etc. We've never had a guest bed, I am very pleased that we finally do!  We will put a crib in here later when we get rush on that.  We have the co-sleeper in our room beside our bed for now and the near future.

Here's the view from the bed corner.  There's still cleaning stuff on the dresser.  That's where we plan to put the changing pad.  We are big users of the changing pad, and were with both babies.  We have hard wood floors in the living room which means we will definitely use it a lot this time around also.  We just have to GET a changing pad.  One of the very few things we didn't get at our shower.

So...there's the update on the nursery.  She won't really be IN there for a while, but we definitely needed this space ready for all her *stuff*.  Now I can start cleaning the rest of the house that is currently piled up with all that stuff! :)

Our current to-do list:
1. Get all the baby stuff organized in the baby room.
2. Buy stuff needed still on our must have list. (changing pad for dresser, robe for me, nursing bra, replacement parts for breast pump)
3. Get bags packed for me, baby, and kids. (I have to go re-buy the coming home outfit in a smaller size)
4. Buy supplies we/I need to have on hand post partum at home. (assorted pharmacy and Walmart items)
5. Get the flower bed area in the front yard presentable for post baby visitation.
6. Wash baby clothes/blankets (esp the cloth diapers) to have ready when we get home from the hospital.
7. Finish getting house deep cleaned and keep it up! ha!
8. Get sheets for the bed in the baby room!

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Erin said...

I would love to see your list of items to get for post-partum at home! I can never think ahead on that kind of thing and have stuff ready and on-hand... and that sure would be helpful! What a great idea!

Buying nursing bras... you'd think I would be good at this by now, but nope. It is so hard to decide what to get when your breasts are bigger during pregnancy... will they be the same size after birth, or bigger, or will they go back to the pre-pregnancy size three months after the birth? I almost need a bigger nursing bra for the first few months and then a smaller size after that... for the next 2-3 years, you know!