Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Two Week Appointment

I had my first "two week" appointment this morning. 
I gained SIX pounds in just TWO weeks!!!!! ACK!  I'm not sure exactly what I did differently in these past two weeks.  But, I definitely resolve to get active and try to drink more water...maybe that will take care of that not happening quite so suddenly again!
On the other hand....My fundal height measured at 32 weeks...two weeks ahead.  It doesn't necessarily mean anything, but just something to note.  It could even mean she was in breech position today....or she just had a big growth spurt....our babies have never been extremely small really...both 8 pounds.  So..who knows?  We just gotta get ready! ha ha.
Another thing on our to do list this week is to visit the hospital. I am very excited about doing that.  I think it will help me relax a little more about the delivery if I know what to expect!


Andy's Bethy said...

It needs to stop raining so we can walk again... I am ready to get those "pushing" muscles worked out and ready for you- hehe.

Erin said...

It is really hard to keep the weight gain down in those last 10 weeks... but hey, the baby puts on the most weight then, right?

Hope you have a good hospital tour! My husband was just reminding me today of when we took a hospital tour before our first was born... we were the only ones who asked any questions, and at the end of the tour the lady took us aside and said, "So, you're my Bradley couple, right?" Ha ha - she just could tell! And then she let us stay and chat and ask more questions, and she was really friendly and reassuring.