Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I have had peace all week. No matter what happens, my life will be fine and we will be fine. I have stayed very busy planning our next school year.

I haven't been thinking of myself as "pregnant" or "not pregnant" as I didn't really have a strong feeling either way.

I actually think I am slowly accepting the fact that this might not all end with a baby.

And then today....I woke up sick. Not puking, but that place where you feel like you would RATHER be puking though after you puke you take that thought back? lol.

It has stuck with me most of the day.... going away for a little while after eating, then hitting again.

And today, that makes the waiting hard. Because I could be so much happier about how terrible I feel if I knew I was nourishing a healthy baby. I don't want to be sick for no reason. :(

I was so tempted to call the doctor and try to get in, because I know if I call they will see me... but I don't know what to do. Tomorrow we have planned an end of school party with our friends that will keep us tied up.... so since I've made it through today I guess I can make it through tomorrow... then we'll see how I am feeling. I have a hunch that if I DO start puking, I will be calling them to see what's up. If it gets to that point I will just want to know the probable outcome of the sickness. I just think it would make it much easier to bear.

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Karen said...

Praying that peace will continue to carry you through this waiting...