Friday, January 8, 2010

Two Things:

1. I was supposed to go to the doctor yesterday to give more blood. With the weather being all weird, it didn't happen. Not today either. Hopefully I can go Monday and get that done.

2. I found out that none of the Kaiser OBs serve patients through Kennestone Hospital!!!! I was asking about the really nice lady doctor I saw at Cobb to see if she served at Kennestone and she told me that Kaiser only uses Northside and Piedmont Hospital. I thought maybe she misunderstood and just answered for her office so I emailed another doctor at the Townparke office. They informed me of the news. Some of them serve at Emory East but the rest only use Northside and Piedmont. What a shocker that would have been! Kennestone is listed on their website as a participating hospital but none of the doctors use it for maternity care. What is up with that? It is 5 minutes from their Townparke office?!?!?!?!
Northside is 58 minutes from us according to Mapquest!
This just opens up a whole other set of stuff!!!!

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