Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's a Boy or a Girl!

And here is his/or her beautiful profile!
The scan went fantastic today!!!!!!
All the parts are present and accounted for.  The lady who did the scan is also one of the doctors.  She did not make fun of all my nerdy envelopes and requests.  I was kind of anxious about that part, ha ha.  Sometimes ultrasound people act like they hate their jobs, so I was very please with the experience.
I had an envelope with a piece of paper to mark for the bakery people.  I also had an envelope for the gender pics to seal up until tomorrow night.  And I had one more envelope with pictures like the one above with no revealing information showing.
We were able to watch the entire thing and she told us when to look away to keep the gender a surprise.  She was able to get the gender shots easily I am assuming because it only took a couple of minutes and she was done and we were able to look again.  She was so great!
The results were sealed in the appropriate envelope and we took it straight to the bakery.
I am very thankful and relieved that the baby is growing well and looks perfect!
And we get to enjoy more excitement tomorrow night as we find out if we have a little girl or boy coming our way in May! :)

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Anonymous said...

Aw so FUN :) Can't wait to hear! You are always so creative. Jill