Saturday, November 6, 2010

Second Trimester

I guess I am officially in the second trimester now!  40 weeks divided by 3 is 13.3....not sure how that would translate into days, but I am 13 weeks and 4 days, so pretty sure I am there by now.
I felt really great last week, as I mentioned in my previous post, but something has changed in the past 3-4 days.  I have felt very nauseous and even threw up again one night this week.  Antacid seemed to help, and yesterday I felt great again, but today back to bad.  Oh well. 
It's probably from sugar.  Sugar has been making me feel really miserable.  Last night Corey made homemade Rice Krispy Treats per my request and that's probably why I feel so bad today.
We started the pre work on the kids room rearrangement today.
After a lively conversation about which room would work best for what purpose (baby or kids sharing) we decided that Katie's current room will be the room that Katie and Noah will share together.  And Noah's room will be a play room/catch all until we get the basement play room finished, at which point Noah's room will be turned into a baby room/nursery/guest bedroom.
Katie currently has a full sized bed.  It is very cute, painted black, but distinctly a girl's bed.  If we find out we are having a girl, we will use her bedroom suit in the nursery as a spare bed (anyone whose ever had a baby/todder will know how valuable an extra bed in the nursery can be) and it can be used for anyone who comes to help when the baby is here. The dresser can even be used as a changing spot by just adding a pad.  And, if we're having a boy, we'll just look for a cheap alternate headboard to go with the set and we already have the dresser/changing table we used with Katie and Noah which is unisex. It will be nice to have an extra bed.  Especially since the kids are each getting their own loft/bunks for Christmas, we will have plenty of room for company now! 
Speaking of the loft/bunks, I am excited about the kids new room.  We are planning to do a rock and roll theme bedroom and they will each have a canopy/tent over the top loft area which will be a book/reading/quiet/private area for each of them since they will be sharing a room.
Our goal is to have the kids moved together in their new rooms for Christmas, then focus on the basement play room.  Then, we will have next summer to work on the nursery/baby room.  What does a 7 month old really *need* for Christmas anyway?  I think a room of their own would be a great Christmas gift project for him/her! :)
We are not even going to pretend that we will need a nursery before the baby is actually here, or even immediately after he/she arrives, ha ha.  We have a bedside co-sleeper that we used with Noah, and there is plenty of room in our bedroom for a small crib until we get a nursery done.  Since I nursed both Katie and Noah for a full year and being in the room with us works out great for us until they sleep through the night, we aren't going to waste time and energy preparing a nursery when what we REALLY need is a playroom for the kids!
In all honestly, the nursery will probably be functional by then most in a space for a crib and chair or something, but it's definitely not on our current to-do list. Our "must-haves" for the baby's arrival consist of very few things:
1. car seat
2. diapers (newborn only, natural, we are going to cloth after the newborn stage)
3. wipes
4. sleepers/clothes
5. blankets


Andy's Bethy said...

I didn't know you were going to go to cloth! I think that will be a fun adventure. Maybe if I had waited until a little older I would have been able to make it...
I can't wait to come see the progress you are making on the rooms. Just a few weeks left.

Brown Family Blog said...

I use Bum Genius for J. I got them through Targets website so if you get any gift cards it is a great way to use them.